Advanced Higher Biology (Course Code: C707 77)

SCQF Level 7 (32 SCQF credit points)

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Why study Biology?

Biology is the study of all living things, from the tiniest organisms to the largest lifeforms. You will learn how nature and the human body work, and how different forms of life eat, make energy and reproduce. You will also find out how Biology is helping to find solutions to world problems.

There are many career opportunities connected with biology, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, food science, sport science, pharmacology and beauty therapy.

What do I need to get in?

This is at the discretion of the school/college but you would normally be expected to have attained one of the following:

What will I study?

The course comprises three compulsory units and an assessment.

Biology: Cells and Proteins (8 SCQF credit points)

This unit builds on understanding of the genome. 

In this unit you will study:

Biology: Organisms and Evolution (8 SCQF credit points)

This unit builds on understanding of selection in the context of evolution and immune response. 

In this unit you will study:

Investigative Biology (8 SCQF credit points)

This unit builds on understanding of the scientific method.

In this unit you will study: 

How will I be assessed?

Course assessment (8 SCQF credit points)

The course assessment consists of two components with a total of 120 marks:

For Component 2, you will carry out an in-depth investigation of a biology topic and produce a project-report.

The question paper will be set and marked externally by SQA.

Your work will be assessed by your teacher on an ongoing basis throughout the course. You must pass both units and the course assessment to gain the course qualification.

The course assessment is graded A-D. Your grade will depend on the total mark for all the units in your course.

What can I go on to next?

Further study, training or employment in:

Which jobs are related to this subject?