Higher Childcare and Development (Course Code: C714 76)

SCQF Level 6 (24 SCQF credit points)

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Why study Childcare and Development?

The childcare and development sector is a growth industry across Scotland, partly due to the increasing number of working parents. It has become ever more important that those working in the sector have appropriate qualifications and opportunities for professional development.

In this course you will develop an understanding of child development and the roles and responsibilities of practitioners, other professionals and parents/carers in meeting the needs of children from pre-birth to 16. You will learn how to: explain the holistic needs of a child; analyse, evaluate and present information; research and investigate and apply knowledge and understanding to childhood practice.

Childcare and Development is therefore an extremely useful course for a variety of career paths, particularly those which involve working with children, and makes a valuable contribution to your general education and personal development.

What do I need to get in?

Entry is at the discretion of the school or college, but you would normally be expected to have:

What will I study?

This course aims to enable you to understand the role of the professional and others in promoting child-centred practice in a range of settings. You will recognise that each child has a unique blend of abilities and needs, and understand the rights to which children are entitled. You will develop your thinking skills by evaluating and analysing theories that relate to current childhood practice. And, you will understand that physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing are linked and are essential for successful learning and development.

The course consists of three compulsory units and the course assessment unit.

Child Development ( 6 SCQF credit points)

In this unit you will:

Child Development: Theory (6 SCQF credit points)

In this unit you will:

Services for Children and Young People (6 SCQF credit points) 

In this unit you will:

How will I be assessed?

Course Assessment (6 SCQF credit points)

The course assessment consists of a project (100 marks). You will be asked to:

Your work will be assessed by your teacher on an ongoing basis throughout the course. You must pass all three units and the course assessment to gain the course qualification.

The course assessment is graded A-D. Your grade will depend on the total mark for all the units in your course.

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What can I go on to next?

Further study, training or employment in:

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