Advanced Higher Gaelic (Learners) (Course Code: C831 77)

SCQF Level 7 (32 SCQF credit points)

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Why study Gaelic (Learners)?

Learning a new language allows you to make connections with different people and their cultures. Language is at the core of thinking. You reflect, communicate and develop ideas through language.

Studying Gaelic will deepen your knowledge and understanding of Scottish culture and heritage. The recent revival in the Gaelic language means there are now more career opportunities for people who can speak it. Career options include teaching, the performing arts, media and literature and in TV and radio.

Career Pathways

To see what career areas this subject could lead to and the routes to get there, download and view these career pathways:

Communications and Media

Teaching and Classroom Support

What do I need to get in?

This is at the discretion of the school/college but you would normally be expected to have attained one of the following:

What will I study?

The course comprises three areas of study.

Understanding Gaelic

You will:

Using Gaelic

You will:

Specialist Study

You will:

How will I be assessed?

Course Assessment

The course assessment consists of four components totalling 200 marks:

The performance – You will demonstrate your skills in Gaelic by talking about themes or topics related to the specialist study area and at least one context from Society, Learning, Employability or Culture studied in the Understanding Language or Using Gaelic areas, or in preparation of the portfolio.

The portfolio – You will produce a piece of writing in English of 1,200 – 1,500 words, based on your analysis of either a piece of literature or media or language in work within the context of Gaelic.

The performance component is set and verified externally by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), and assessed and marked by your school or college.

Both the question papers and the assignment are set and externally marked by SQA.

The grade awarded is based on the total marks achieved across course assessment.

Study Materials

SQA Past Papers (Gaelic Learners) Advanced Higher
SQA Specimen Paper (Reading and Translation) Gaelic (Learners) Advanced Higher
SQA Specimen Paper (Listening and Discursive Writing) Gaelic (Learners) Advanced Higher

What can I go on to next?

Further study, training or employment in: