National 4 Latin (Course Code: C743 74)

SCQF Level 4 (24 SCQF credit points)

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Why study Latin?

Latin may not be a modern language but it lives on in many different ways. Originally spoken in the area around Rome, it had a major influence on the development of many European languages including: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. That's why it can be useful when you are learning other languages.

We still use Latin phrases and terms such as 'post mortem' today. We also use it in abbreviations like etc. (et cetera). Latin is used in science, for example in naming plant and animal species, as well as in law and medicine.

And, of course, it gives you a real insight into the culture and literature of ancient Rome.

The skills you learn in Latin are relevant to many career areas.

Career Pathways

To see what career areas this subject could lead to and the routes to get there, download and view these career pathways:

Arts, Social Sciences and Languages

Information, Culture and Heritage


What do I need to get in?

The school or college will decide on the entry requirements for the course. You would normally have achieved: 

What will I study?

In this course you will get to develop translation skills and the ability to understand, analyse and evaluate through studying Latin language and literature. You will appreciate how languages are interconnected, and understand the contribution of Roman civilisation to your own culture and that of others. You will develop your literacy skills by listening, talking, reading and writing in English, and reading in Latin.

The course has two compulsory units, plus an added value unit that assesses your practical skills. 

Latin: Translating (9 SCQF credit points)

In this unit you will:

Latin: Literary Appreciation (9 SCQF credit points)

In this unit you will:

Added Value Unit: Latin Assignment (6 SCQF credit points) - this is not mandatory for the 2022-23 session

In this unit you will:

How will I be assessed?

Your work will be assessed by your teacher on an ongoing basis throughout the course. Items of work might include:

You must pass both units to gain the course qualification.

What can I go on to next?

If you complete the course successfully, it may lead to: 

Further study, training or employment in:

Which jobs are related to this subject?

Where can my parents find out more?

Your school will give your parents an Options or Choices information booklet, which has detailed information on the curriculum and the individual subjects or courses you can study. It will also invite them along to a Parents’ Information Evening.

They can also read the information leaflet(s):

Nationals in a Nutshell - Latin (National 4)