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 Librarian returning books to shelves in the library
Teacher in front of a classroom of children
Solicitor in court holding brief and book
Bricklayer with spirit level wearing safety helmet and gloves
Fashion designer with phone and fabrics
Supermarket worker in front of stocked shelves
Housing inspector standing in front of garage with clip board, wearing safety glasses
Architect working on blueprints at an office desk
Supervisor holding files in car factory
IT System administrator looking at computer screen
Office worker writing up sticky notes for a presentation
Car paint sprayer in coveralls and a breathing mask holding a paint spray gun
Female saying hello in sign language
Barber leaning on chair in salon
Rail worker in hi-viz uniform in front of a train
Cleaner wiping off the surfaces in an office
Oil worker on oil rig wearing safety equipment and coveralls
Biology expert in the lab
Animal grooming salon with two dogs being groomed
Printer with ink swatch book in front of printing press
Journalist working on news story on laptop computer
Mechanic in wheelchair wearing safety goggles, working on turning lathe
Paramedic wearing uniform, sitting in ambulance
Surgeon wearing scrubs in an operating theatre
Administrator in office with computer files and office equipment
Athlete swimming in pool, wearing goggles
Shop worker standing in front of cycle helmet display in bike shop
Two bakers holding fresh loaves in a bakery shop
Radio host talking through a microphone at a mixing desk
Music producer working in recording studio with music artist

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We're gathering together links to lots of websites offering great advice and resources on learning and teaching at home

Update COVID-19 Availability of Online Services

Further to the announcement of school closures from Friday 20th March, we want to let all our service users know that all of our online services, including Planit will continue to be available during the closure period.

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Health Improvement Officer

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Health improvement officers make people aware of the importance of good health. They run campaigns and produce materials to encourage people to change to a healthier lifestyle. They deal with matters such as smoking, drug and alcohol misuse, diet, exercise, immunisation, sexual health, care of mothers and children, and older people's health.

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