Adult helping children with games
Call center employee working at a computer in a modern white office
Female medicine doctor in front of patient in bed
Young female lawyer working in her office and reading a law book
Female veterinarian with a dog
Ballerina's pointe on black wooden floor
Young male laundrette owner sorting through clothes
Survey engineer working in a building site at sunset
Student with her teacher in a computer class
Chef in restaurant kitchen preparing a sauce
An archaeologist and her student using their trowels
A mechanic fixing wheel nuts to a vehicle
A datacenter manager in front of the datacenter equipment racks
Scientist wearing eye protection and breathing mask inspecting a sample
Young female presenter talking into a microphone
British Royal Commando badge on a Marine's uniform
Female engineer in a wind turbine farm
Young businesswoman calculating data in her office
Businessman and his colleagues using laptop in background
Sportswomen smiling with arms around each others shoulders
Smiling young female painter sitting on ladder
Engineer with checklist
Workers washing windows of tall office building
Pedicure nail technician perfoming foot care procedure in beauty salon
Driver in drivers cab of lorry
Smiling deaf woman learning sign language

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Police Scotland Recruitment

Police Scotland are currently recruiting for police officers across Scotland. Successful applicants come from all walks of life, the important thing is that you demonstrate a wide range of personal qualities and attributes.

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Composer or Songwriter

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Composers or songwriters create music for individuals, groups, bands or orchestras to perform, or to accompany TV productions, film soundtracks and adverts. The music may be in any style, for example, classical, rock, pop, jazz, folk, country, soul, rap or easy listening.

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Open Afternoons and Evenings (Edinburgh Campus)

Scotland`s Rural College (SRUC) (Edinburgh Campus)

Open Afternoons and Evenings (Edinburgh Campus)

Scotland`s Rural College (SRUC) (Edinburgh Campus)

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