National 5 Accounting (Course Code: C800 75)

SCQF Level 5 (24 SCQF credit points)

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Why study Accounting?

Accounting is a key function in all organisations. Effective accounting procedures can provide timely and relevant information to management, helping organisations perform successfully.

Studying Accounting will enable you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for understanding and taking part in the world of business. Even if you are not planning a career in accounting, this subject helps to improve your personal effectiveness by developing your ability to think logically, work accurately, make decisions and solve problems.

The skills that you develop in Accounting are useful in many careers such as finance, IT consulting, tax planning and management consulting.

Career Pathways

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What do I need to get in?

Entry is at the discretion of the school or college but you would normally have achieved the fourth curriculum level or equivalent qualifications and/or experience prior to starting this course.

Relevant subjects for entry include:

What will I study?

Accounting has a large practical component. You will learn how to prepare and present a range of accounting statements and analyse information to make decisions. You can then apply your skills in an assignment that communicates financial information to people who are interested in an organisation’s performance.

The course comprises two areas of study.

Financial accounting

You will develop skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare, interpret and analyse financial accounting information by using the relevant accounting concepts and techniques. This information is used by stakeholders to assess their organisation’s current financial position.

You will learn:

Management accounting

You will develop skills, knowledge and understanding of internal accounting information, and be able to prepare this using a range of basic accounting techniques. This information is used by management when making decisions about the future planning and control of their business.

You will learn:

How will I be assessed?

The course assessment has two components totalling 180 marks:

For the assignment component, you will be asked to complete a series of tasks to prepare accounting information and financial statement, making appropriate use of spreadsheets. You may be required to use this information to aid decision making, analyse the organisation's financial position or make recommendations for the future.

The assignment will be a computer-based assessment which is set by and externally marked by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

The question paper will be set and externally marked by SQA.

The grade awarded is based on the total marks achieved across all course assessment components.

The course assessment is graded A-D.

Study Materials

What can I go on to next?

If you complete the course successfully, it may lead to:

Further study, training or employment in:

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