Higher Financial Services (SCQF Level 6) (FA) (FA) (Course Code: N/A)

SCQF Level 6 (24 SCQF credit points)

Financial Services (SCQF Level 6) (FA) (FA) Image

Why study Financial Services (SCQF Level 6) (FA) (FA)?

National Progression Award (NPA) in Financial Services:

As part of the SVQ units, you will learn how to:

Work Placement

What do I need to get in?

These vary depending on whether you start the Foundation Apprenticeship in S5 or S6. It could range from some subjects at National 5 to 1 or 2 Highers. Check with your school for details.

What will I study?

The Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) in Financial Services is for pupils staying on at school. You can choose an FA as one of your subjects in S5 or S6.

How will I be assessed?

What can I go on to next?

Further study, training or employment in:

Where can my parents find out more?

Your school will give your parents an Options or Choices information booklet, which has detailed information on the curriculum and the individual subjects or courses you can study. It will also invite them along to a Parents’ Information Evening.

They can also read the information leaflet(s):

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