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A floor manager makes sure that a TV production goes according to plan and that everyone involved in the programme — presenters, camera crew, guests and audience — knows what they have to do and when they have to do it. They work closely with the director and those involved working on the studio floor. 

On location floor managers are called assistant directors.

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Starting salaries for floor or studio managers can be around £21,000, rising to around £28,000 with some years’ experience. In a senior position, floor or studio managers can earn over £45,000.

The majority of floor managers work on a freelance basis, earning a daily rate. This can be anything from around £150 to £400 a day, depending on experience and type of production.


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If you are aged 18 or over you may be interested in The Network. The Network is an event held each year alongside the TV Festival in Edinburgh. If selected you would attend for four free days of masterclasses and workshops which will provide you with the skills, knowledge and contacts to start a career in TV. You can usually apply from January to April.



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The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

National Film and Television School
Tel: 01494 671234
Twitter: @NFTSFilmTV

Tel: 020 7713 9800
Twitter: @UKScreenSkills

ScreenSkills (formerly Creative Skillset) works with the UK’s screen-based creative media industries to develop skills and talent from classroom to boardroom.

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