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A commissioning editor is responsible for identifying new authors, books and other media products to be published.

The Work

You could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual salaries may vary, depending on:

Generally salaries in publishing at entry level can be around £20,000 a year, but improve as you progress. With a number of years experience, salaries can rise to around £40,000, sometimes more. This can depend on the size of the company and how profitable it is.

Some publishers are self-employed and their pay is profit-related.


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Getting In

What Does it Take?

You need to have:

You need to be able to:


Getting On

More Information

Whilst the majority of opportunities are in London and the south east of England there are a number of publishers in Scotland. These include larger educational and smaller independent publishers, some of which specialise in Gaelic language. Publishing Scotland lists some of these on their website.

The Society of Young Publishers (SYP) is open to anyone working, or considering working, in the publication trade. They organise a range of events, publish a quarterly magazine and provide a jobs database for members. There is a branch in Scotland.



The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Creative and Cultural Skills
Tel: 020 7015 1800
Twitter: @CCskills

Creative and Cultural Skills is the Sector Skills Council for advertising, crafts, cultural heritage, design, music, performing, literary and visual arts.

Publishing Training Centre
Tel: 020 8874 2718
Twitter: @PTCBookHouse

Society of Young Publishers (SYP)
Twitter: @SYPScotland

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