Theoretical Physics

University of Glasgow


Gilmorehill Campus


Year 1: In first year you will gain a basic understanding of the core topics in theoretical physics, receive an introduction to the methods of experimental physics and obtain a solid foundation for further study of the subject. Courses you will typically study are dynamics, wave motion, properties of matter, thermal physics, optics, electricity and magnetism, and quantum physics.

You will also study two other subjects in year 1 according to your interests: see Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences.

Year 2: In second year you will extend and deepen your broad physics education, undergo further training in more specialised experimental techniques and expand your awareness of the latest developments in modern physics research.

Courses you will typically study are physics of waves, dynamics, physics of solids, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, nuclear and particle physics, physics of optics, and mathematical techniques.

You will also study one or two other subjects in year 2 according to your interests: see Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences.

Years 3, 4 and 5: If you progress to Honours (years three and four) you will continue to study in greater depth core topics spanning all areas of physics, from sub-atomic particles to optics and electromagnetism, explore a range of specialist topics of your choice: including highlights of the very latest cutting-edge research; and undertake project work, often within a world-leading research group.

Entry Requirements

2020 entry requirements

Standard entry: 4 or 5 Highers at AAAA or AAABB (first sitting) including Maths and Physics at AB or BA or 6 Highers at AAAAAB (two sittings with a min ABBB after S5) including Maths and Physics (at the end of S5) plus Advanced Higher Maths or Physics at B.

Widening access entry: 4 or 5 Highers at AABB or ABBBB including Maths and Physics. May be considered for entry with BBBB. Completion of pre-entry programme is necessary.

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Study Method

Full time



Course Length

5 years


College of Science and Engineering


Physics and Astronomy

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Chemistry and Materials Science

Food Science and Technology

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