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Risk managers advise organisations on how to cut any risks (for example, loss of business, loss of reputation, litigation, damage to property or information security) and how to deal with risks when they occur. Some risk management firms specialise in a particular industry, for example finance, health care, aviation or energy. They are also known as risk technicians and risk analysts, depending on the level of experience.

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The starting salary for a graduate trainee risk manager might be around £21,000 a year. With a few years’ experience this can rise to around £30,000 to £40,000 a year or more. Risk managers in senior positions can earn up to £70,000. Some specialist managers earn considerably more than this. Many companies also offer extras such as a company car.


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Jobs are with specialist risk management firms, insurance companies, investment banks, engineering and construction firms and commercial businesses. Local authorities, health trusts, fire and rescue, police authorities and central government are large employers of risk management. The number of specialist risk management posts is increasing. Look for vacancies on The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) website. You can also find posts advertised in the finance section of newspapers, and in professional insurance or health and safety journals.

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