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Revenue and Customs officers work for HM Department of Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the department of the Civil Service which collects direct taxes as well as the indirect taxes levied on goods sold at home or brought into the country. They may be called by another title such as tax officer or investigations officer, depending on the area they specialise in.

The Work


You could be:


You could be:

Tax – see the specific job profile for Tax Officer.

In each of these jobs you could be:


Starting salary for an assistant officer is £19,550 to £25,124 a year. An officer's salary would be £24,818 to £31,886 a year. This rises as you move up to higher officer and senior officer. The figures below are a guide as to what you could expect if you enter through the Graduate Programme (Tax Professional).

Trainees on the Graduate Programme start on £30,880 a year (£35,105 a year in London). This can rise up to £41,683 (£45,054 in London), depending on competency. Once they have successfully completed the graduate programme, salary rises to £51,050 a year outside London, and £57,440 in London. There is a good pension scheme.


Places of work vary, depending on your job.

Workforce Employment Status

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Getting In

The Civil Service has nationality requirements. For many posts, you must be a UK national, Commonwealth citizen or national of the European Economic Area. There are several levels of entry. You would normally join at officer level.

Workforce Education Levels (UK)

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Job Outlook Scotland


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Job Outlook Scotland and UK

2.8 %
  United Kingdom
2.5 %

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What Does it Take?

You should be:

You should have:


Getting On

More Information

Around 60,000 people work for HMRC across the UK. There are a number of offices throughout Scotland, but over the next 10 years most of these will close and there will be two super centres, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. Jobs are advertised in the press, in Jobcentre Plus offices and on the Civil Service website.


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The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
Website (2):

Career opportunities with HM Revenue and Customs are advertised in Jobcentre Plus offices and in the local and national press. They can also be viewed on the Civil Service jobs website.

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