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If you are a good organiser, enjoy taking responsibility and communicating with people, then a job in administration or management could be a good career for you. It is a wide ranging career area, covering many varied and interesting jobs.

Administration and management jobs exist in all industries; both public and private sector, so graduates of this career area are always in demand.

Across the UK, over 3.13 million people work in secretarial and administration roles (around 10% of the UK workforce) while there are 3.6 million working as managers, directors and senior officials (around 11% of the UK workforce).

What areas can I work in?

The jobs and courses for this career area are in four sectors: general administration and management; economics; human resource management; and public services administration.

There are a wide range of specialisms in this career area, from medical secretarial work to academic administration in colleges and universities. You could become a personal assistant to a business director or a project manager in IT or finance.

To see the routes to getting into each of these sectors, take a look at our Career Pathway.

What kind of companies can I work for?

You could be working in just about any type of company or organisation, for example a construction firm, car dealership, hotel, local council or hospital. 

There is a large administration and management workforce in the public sector, where you could be working for: 

What’s the job market like?

In December 2019, the number of administrative and secretarial employees in Scotland fell to 249,100 compared to 263,500 from the same period in 2018.

However, the number of managers, directors and senior officials employed in Scotland rose to 249,000 in December 2019 (compared to 228,400 from the same period in 2018). 

Employment numbers in the public sector have seen an increase in the past year. In June 2019, 558,700 people were working in the Scottish public sector, compared to 553,000 from the same period in 2018. 

Public sector employment now accounts for 21% of total employment in Scotland (compared to 20% in the previous year).

The Civil Service has committed to offering 30,000 apprenticeships by 2020.

Facts and figures

Want to find out more?

If you are looking for a career in the public sector, the Civil Service offers a number of routes into a career. The Fast Stream programme is open to graduates, other department graduate programmes and also apprenticeships.

Instructus Skills (formerly known as Skills CFA) provides information about skills and qualifications in the workplace including apprenticeships and training programmes across the UK for a whole range of business skills.




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