Product Design Engineering

University of Glasgow


Gilmorehill Campus


Years 1 and 2: In the first two years of the degree you will take courses in mathematics and study engineering fundamentals including applied mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics and properties of materials. These courses will form a solid foundation for development later in the degree programme and are supported by individual practical skills and group project and laboratory work. These courses are complemented by design studies at the Glasgow School of Art which aim to develop creativity, exploration and expressions of ideas, and to build confidence in the design process.

Year 3: The third year develops and integrates the application of theory through structured projects. The amount of studio work at The Glasgow School of Art will increase. You will study more advanced engineering subjects at the University – materials and manufacture, dynamics, control and fluid power, heat transfer, mathematical modelling and simulation, and mechanics of materials and structures.

Years 4 and 5: In the final year of the BEng, you will propose your own programme of individual product development and prototyping, leading to concept and detailed design proposals. You will also study advanced subjects in engineering, management, manufacture and design. These include advanced materials, mechanics of solids, microelectronics and design studies.

In year 4 of the MEng degree you will follow a similar programme to the BEng, and undertake a group design project, with mechanical engineering and mechanical design engineering students. Studio activities will continue and you will study advanced subjects in design and technology engineering, management and design.

In year 5 you will work on a programme of product development and prototyping proposed by you, leading to concept and detailed design proposals. You will also study advanced manufacture, human factors, robotics and mechanics of solids.

Entry Requirements

2024 entry requirements:

6 Highers at AAAAAA (by end S6 with min AAAB after S5) including Maths and Engineering Science or Physics.

Start Date






Study Method

Full time



Course Length

5 years


College of Science and Engineering


James Watt School of Engineering

SCQF Level