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Warehouse operatives look after goods in a stockroom or warehouse. They receive, store and send out the goods, making sure that there are no missing or damaged items. They may also be known as warehouse assistants.

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You could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates may vary, depending on:

Starting pay is often based on the National Minimum Wage (NMW) or the National Living Wage (NLW).

As of 1 April 2022 the National Minimum Wage is £4.81 an hour for workers aged 16 to 17, £6.83 an hour for workers aged 18 to 20 and £9.18 an hour for workers aged 21 to 22. The National Living Wage is £9.50 for workers aged 23 and over. This can rise up to around £12.00 an hour depending on experience and level of responsibility, or overtime rates.


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You need to be:

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More Information

Jobs are available in many different types of organisation, including cash and carry firms, distribution companies, large retail stores, manufacturing companies, departments of central or local government or the health service.



The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK)
Twitter: @ciltuk

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