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Sculptors design and create three dimensional (3D) forms or models as a way of artistic expression. They can specialise in areas such as figurative statues or abstract work.

The Work

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Pay rates vary, depending on:

Because most sculptors work freelance, it is difficult to give a starting salary. Fees can vary depending on the size and nature of the work. There is an interactive artist's fees toolkit in the Resources section of the Artist's Information Company website (you need to be a member to access this).

Some sculptors find work as an artist in residence, which can last for any period between one month and one year. The pay for this varies widely and some residencies may include free accommodation and use of a studio and equipment.


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Getting In

For art school courses you need to apply through UCAS. Some courses have a closing date of 15th January and others have the closing date of 24th March.

It is very difficult to become established as a sculptor. Most sculptors work freelance and very few earn a full living from their sculpture, particularly in the early stages.

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What Does it Take?

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Getting On


The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

a-n The Artists Information Company
Tel: 0300 330 0706
Twitter: @an-artnews

This site includes useful information on employment and self-employment in this area of work.

Creative and Cultural Skills
Website (2):
Twitter: @CCskills

Creative and Cultural Skills is the Sector Skills Council for advertising, crafts, cultural heritage, design, music, performing, literary and visual arts. Creative Choices is their career information website.

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