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Year 1: Although many of our first-year students have studied geography at school or college before coming to university, you can start in first year as a novice to the subject. Our first-year course is designed to introduce you to a wide range of concerns and interests within both physical and human geography. The themes covered include a world of resources, an underdeveloped world, a world of changing environments, a shrinking world and a changing biosphere in a changing environment.

You will also study two other subjects in year 1 according to your interests: see Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences.

Year 2: Courses in your second year build on the foundations you have laid in first year. Human geography focuses on globalisation and its counterpart localisation, examining these processes in their economic, cultural, political and social dimensions. Physical geography emphasises the role of processes in shaping landscapes and in the ways in which the Earth changes over different timescales.

You will explore human and physical processes, examining environmental problems and their possible resolutions through policy, and you will be trained in statistical methods and laboratory analysis using a mixture of fieldwork and our own IT and physical geography laboratories.

You will also study one or two other subjects in year 2 according to your interests: see Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences.

Years 3 and 4: If you progress to Honours (years three and four) you will study both core and optional courses over your third and fourth years. Core courses are related to advanced training methods such as computerised data analysis, modelling, geographical information systems, interviewing and interpretative methods.

Entry Requirements

2023 entry requirements

Standard entry: 4 Highers at AAAB (by end S6 with min BBBB after S5) including two science subjects.

Widening access entry: 4 Highers at AABB or BBBB (by end S6) including two science subjects. Completion of pre-entry programme is necessary.

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BSc Hons

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Full time



Course Length

4 years


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School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

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Aquaculture and Fishing

Arboriculture and Horticulture

Earth Studies

Environmental and Rural Resource Management

Environmental Services


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