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First Year: Two core courses: The Natural Environment through Geological Time and The Materials Forming our Dynamic Earth. The first course considers the key themes relating to the evolution of the Earth over the past 4,500 million years, including: the Earth in the solar system; Internal structure and chemical composition of the Earth; Continents, oceans and plate tectonics; Formation and fill of sedimentary basins; Absolute and relative geological time (the fossil record and absolute dating); Geological maps and structures; Volcanism. The second examines the origin, physical and chemical characteristics of the rocks and minerals that make up the Earth.

Second Year: Four courses all of which are taken for Single and Joint Honours programmes. These are Chemistry of the Earth, Palaeontology, Introduction to Geophysics and Introduction to Field Geology which is a six-day residential course on the Isle of Arran.

Third and Fourth Year (Honours): Core courses relating to Plate Tectonics, Earth Structure and Stratigraphy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology are included along with Petroleum Geology which are core courses for the Geology and Petroleum Geology and Geoscience Single Honours degree programmes. Over the two Honours years, a total of three residential field courses (28 days), a number of day-long field exercises and an independent field-based project (28 days) emphasise the hands-on nature of the subject.

Entry Requirements

2022 entry requirements:
4 Highers at AABB (first sitting) including 2 maths or science subjects by end S6 plus English, Maths and Chemistry or Physics at National 5. Those with Highers at BBB by end of S5 are encouraged to apply.

Widening access entry may be available - contact the university or check their website.

For advanced entry to year 2, you will require 3 Advanced Highers at ABB including 2 maths or science subjects at AB or BA.

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Full time



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4 years


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