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An animator uses drawing, modelling or 2D and 3D computer graphics to produce a series of images, which gives the illusion of movement. They might work on animated films or cartoons, computer games or adverts.

The Work

Animation involves highly detailed work so you would usually work on one project at a time.

Depending on the size of company or type of production, you could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual salaries may vary, depending on:

Newly qualified animators may start off earning from £17,500 to £20,000 a year. With experience this can rise between £25,000 and £30,000 a year. Highly experienced animators can earn up to £45,000.


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Getting In

For art school courses you need to apply through UCAS. Some courses have a closing date of 15th January and others have the closing date of 24th March.

The fastest growing area is computer generated imagery (CGI) and there is a growing computer gaming industry in Scotland. These companies usually advertise jobs on their websites. Other employers include broadcasting companies, advertising agencies, animation studios, video producers or computer games companies. You might work freelance.

Predicted Employment in Scotland

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What Does it Take?

You should have:

You need:


Getting On

More Information

Young Scot and Creative Scotland operate the 'Nurturing Talent - Time to Shine Fund', which aims to support young people aged 14-20 and interested in developing skills in: Drama, Dance, Music, Film, Visual Arts, Literature or Digital Arts. Both individuals and groups can apply for funding ranging from £50 to £600. For more information see the Young Scot website.


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The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
Tel: 020 7734 0022
Twitter: @BAFTA

The BAFTA Scholarship Programme awards a small number of scholarships for postgraduate courses related to a career in film, TV or computer games.

Creative Skillset Scotland
Tel: 020 7713 9800
Twitter: @SkillsetSSC

Creative Skillset works with the UK’s screen-based creative media industries to develop skills and talent from classroom to boardroom.

Tel: 020 7840 1111
Twitter: @dandad

D&AD is an educational charity promoting good design and advertising.

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