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Meteorologists study the Earth's atmosphere and forecast the weather. This information is of vital importance to the sea transport and offshore industries, as well as those in power generation, the armed services, commercial aviation and agriculture. Meteorologists also use this information to work out future changes in the Earth's climate.

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Meteorologists can specialise in either forecasting or research.


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The salary for a graduate trainee forecaster with the Meteorological Office is £19,380 a year. On completion of the training programme, this rises to £22,950 a year. With experience, earnings can be up to £35,000 a year.


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The Met Office headquarters is in Exeter, but there are also centres throughout the UK. As well as reporting on the weather, the Met Office now provides more general environmental scientific and educational services. The Met Office also has international responsibilities as the Regional Specialised Met Centre (RSMC) for Emergency Response and a World Area Forecast Centre for Aviation.


The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

British Antarctic Survey
Tel: 01223 221400

Met Office
Tel: 0870 900 0100

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Tel: 01793 411500

Royal Meteorological Society
Tel: 0118 956 8500

Science Council
Tel: 020 3434 2020
Website (2):

The Science Council promotes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of and education in science, technology, mathematics, computing and information technology. It awards the designation of Chartered Scientist (CSci) to those candidates who can meet the high standards required.

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