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The MA in Economics and Finance does not require prior knowledge of the core disciplines of economics, and finance. Study begins at an introductory level and the degree has a very flexible structure to enable students to tailor their studies so that they can pursue ambitions and interests. As a result, graduates are able to embark upon successful careers, especially in banking, finance, the civil service, a wide range of management roles, and also pursue further study in economics and related disciplines.

First Year: Students will follow introductory modules in Economics, Accountancy and Finance, and Management. Students must also complete a set of introductory mathematics modules during either first or second year. If the mathematics modules are deferred to second year, then students will take elective modules in first year.

Second Year: Students will be introduced to the formal theory of economics and the methods used in applied research. Intermediate Economics covers core microeconomic models of consumer choice and firm behaviour, and macroeconomic models of long-run equilibrium and short-run adjustments. Students will also study Statistics, and Quantitative Techniques for Business.

Third Year: Modules taken during third year count towards the final degree classification awarded. Students must complete an Econometrics project and a minimum of one other Finance set of modules with choices available including Corporate Finance and International Finance. Elective modules are also taken.

Fourth Year: Students will take modules in the core subjects of economics and finance. A required minimum number of modules must be taken from each subject area. Students may also take modules from other disciplines with a wide range of subjects available such as Company Law, Marketing, and Logistics.

Entry Requirements

2022 entry requirements:
Standard entry: 4 Highers at AABB (two sittings) plus English and Maths at National 5.

Widening access entry: 4 Highers at BBBC (two sittings) plus English and Maths at National 5.

For entry to Level 2 you would require 2 Advanced Highers at BB plus 4 Highers at AABB including Maths or AABB and Maths at C.

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MA Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

4 years


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