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Application developers specialise in technology creating apps for different platforms such as Android (Java) or (Kotlin), iOS (Objective-C or Swift) or Windows (C#). Those who program on more than one platform are known as cross-platform developers.

The Work

You could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual salaries may vary, depending on

Salaries for an app developer start at around £20,000 for graduates, rising to between £34,000 and £40,000 with experience.  Senior app developers can earn between £45,000 to around £70,000.


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Getting In

What Does it Take?

You need to have:


Getting On

More Information

If you are considering a career in IT, look at the Tech Future Careers website. You will find the video case studies of workers and general information on the industry useful.

Bubble Jobs the leading job board for the digital industry has many good articles to help you in your job search. They also have a Careers Portal for graduates.

For more information please see organisation below:

BCS, The Chartered Instutute for IT 


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