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Events managers plan and co-ordinate a wide range of corporate and social events, making sure they run smoothly and to budget. 

The Work

The range of events includes trade fairs, product launches, company away-days including team building exercises, fundraisers, sports events, antique fairs, music festivals, weddings and parties.

You could be:

You may organise more than one event at a time.


The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates may vary, depending on:

The starting salaries for events organisers are in the range of £18,000 to £22,000 a year. With experience, annual salaries can rise to between £22,000 and £25,000 or more. At senior level the salary could be over £40,000 a year.


Workforce Employment Status

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Getting In

You might work for an events management company or an individual venue, such as an exhibition centre or hotel.

What Does it Take?

You need to be:

You need to have:


Getting On


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The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO)
Tel: 01386 858886
Twitter: @ABPCO

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