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Soldiers may be in a fighting unit, or in a combat support unit doing catering, clerical, or medical work, or in a trade such as electronics or mechanics. There are over a hundred different jobs in the Army, from aircraft technician to tank crewman. All soldiers must be ready to go to war. They all train to fight, as well as having other skills.

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The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates may vary, depending on:

New recruits start on £14,931 a year. Salaries for qualified privates in the British Army start at £18,488 a year. Lance Corporals earn £25,524 a year, Corporals £29,768 a year and Sergeants £33,490 a year (salaries as of April 2017). You get extra allowances in some jobs and for being overseas.

The Army provides subsidised food and accommodation, uniforms and protective clothing, free healthcare and a pension.


You should be aware that in the army, you will at times be operating in difficult and dangerous conditions and there may be the risk of injury or death.

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What Does it Take?

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More Information

For detailed information about the army, phone 0345 600 8080 or visit the Army website to find your nearest Army Careers Office. The Ministry of Defence website is also useful.


The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Army Careers Centres

Army Reserve

Formally known as the Territorial Army

British Army
Tel: 0345 600 8080
Twitter: @armyjobs

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