University of Edinburgh


King's Buildings Campus


Year 1
You will be introduced to basic principles of programming and computation. You will learn how information can be represented and processed in computer systems, as well as fundamental techniques to manage data and solve problems using computer programs. The year also includes courses in mathematics necessary for all areas of informatics. Together these form the foundations of more in-depth study of computation in future years. You can choose option courses from various schools across the University.

Year 2
You will build on Year 1, covering more advanced programming and data structures, together with related mathematics. Courses offered will develop greater understanding of software development, decision making, learning from data, and the internals of computers or computer systems. Option courses are available from various schools across the University.

Year 3
Your studies will become more focused and you will have more choice in selecting specialised courses according to your own interests from a range of options across all areas of informatics. Coursework assignments typically provide you with experience in practical work, independent problem solving, and group work. Your exact curriculum depends on your selected courses; options offered in recent years include courses in robotics, computer security, machine learning, operating systems, computer networks, and around 10 others.

Year 4
You will continue to study courses from across Informatics that match you interests and will also start on a project that you will develop in years four and five. You may also choose one course from a different subject area.

Year 5
Similar to year 4, you will take further advanced courses and continue to develop your project.

Entry Requirements

2025 entry requirements

Standard entry:
5 Highers at AAAAA (by end of S5 preferred) including Maths at A plus English at National 5. Advanced Higher Maths highly recommended.

Widening Access entry:
4 Highers at AABB (by end of S6) (BBB must be achieved in one sitting S4-S6) including Maths at A plus English at National 5. Advanced Higher Maths highly recommended.

Start Date






Study Method

Full time



Course Length

5 years


College of Science and Engineering



SCQF Level



Career Area

Computing and ICT