Applied Software Development

UHI Moray


Main campus, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)


Did you know that artificial intelligence and data analytics are being used by IBM to support rhino conservation in Africa? Or that IBM Blockchain is used to trace products through a supply chain, from farm to fork, reducing the risk of food-borne illness and fraud? Do you want to be involved in creating software that helps solve a range of global challenges just like this?

Year 1 - CertHE

You will work with projects, building your foundational skills and introducing you to Agile practices.

Core concepts covered:
Principles of programming; Applied algorithms and data structures; Creativity through patterns; Continuous development and integration; Databases; Data languages

Year 2 - DipHE

You will work on industry-related projects and develop your portfolio of work.

Core concepts covered:
Multiplatform development; Software services; Software architecture; Software quality assurance; Data transformation; Data as a service

Year 3 - BSc

You will explore the start and end of the software development lifecycle, looking at lean methodologies, and how businesses use data to inform their actions.

Core concepts covered:
Industrial software design; User experience design; Releasing a minimum viable product; Software release management; Insight from data; Data-led decision making

Year 4 - BSc (Hons)

You will work on a single product, looking at project and technical considerations including business planning and finding investors.

Core concepts covered:
Large software challenge; Long tail of the software lifecycle; Enterprise transformation; Applied research

Entry Requirements

3 Highers; or relevant Foundation Apprenticeship plus 1 Higher.

Start Date





BSc Hons

Study Method

Part time (day)

Course Length

8 years


Computing and IT

SCQF Level


Career Area

Computing and ICT