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Forensic computer analysts use specialised methods and techniques to recover and examine data from computer systems or digital storage devices. They present their findings, which can then be used as evidence in civil or criminal prosecutions involving computer-based, or cyber crime.

They are also known as cyber security professionals.

The Work

You would use a variety of specialist computer programmes and methods to analyse and search for data on devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops or desktop computers.

You could be:

You could be involved in a wide variety of investigations including; industrial or commercial espionage (spying), commercial fraud, theft of undisclosed or confidential information by company employees, possession of illegal images or even bankruptcy cases.


The figures below are only a guide. Actual salaries may vary, depending on:

Starting salaries can be in the region of £21,000 a year. With experience this can rise to between £30,000 and £45,000 a year. Senior analysts can earn up to £80,000 a year or more.


Workforce Employment Status

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Useful Subjects

Getting In

There are several routes into this career including a degree or qualification in an IT-related discipline, or a background in IT systems.

Prospects are good in this line of work, with major employers including the police forces and law enforcement agencies, and government departments and agencies, such as the Serious Fraud Office, The Security Service (MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Private employers include IT security and specialist forensic computing companies, as well as banks and financial organisations.

You can find jobs advertised on specialist employment websites such as

Workforce Education Levels (UK)

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What Does it Take?

You need to have:

You need to be able to:


Getting On

More Information

The term cyber security covers the security of the internet, telecommunications networks and computer systems.  As more organisations realise the importance of data protection due to their business relying on the internet and IT systems, the prospects for security professionals has never been better.

You should check out The Cyber Security Challenge website, a government and industry initiative encouraging involvement in the industry through competitions, and providing information on how to start a career in this ever evolving and growing area. 

For more information please see organisation below:


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