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Advocates' clerks organise the daily workload and administration for a small group of Advocates (known as a 'stable').

The Work

Your work will depend on how senior you are.

You could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates may vary, depending on:

Advocates' clerk salaries are not made publicly available, but starting salaries are around £25,000 a year. This will rise with experience to around £33,000 a year or more.


Workforce Employment Status

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Getting In

Advocates' clerks usually work for Faculty Services Ltd (FSL), a company providing support services to Advocates. There are 9 FSL stables based in Parliament House in Edinburgh. A stable usually has one Advocate's clerk and at least one deputy clerk. There are also advocates that do not subscribe to the FSL clerking services, but may practise with or without a clerk.

What Does it Take?

You need to have:

You also need to be:


Getting On



The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Faculty of Advocates
Tel: 0131 226 5071
Twitter: @FacultyScot

Skills for Justice
Tel: 0117 922 1155
Twitter: @Skills_Justice

Skills for Justice is the Sector Skills Council for the Justice, Community Safety and Legal Services Sectors. The careers section of their website holds information on the careers within these sectors.

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