Environmental Science

Open University in Scotland


This integrated masters degree combines undergraduate and postgraduate study, taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding, managing and protecting the world we live in. Gain a deeper understanding of the natural environment, and learn to assess environmental challenges and propose solutions. Acquire the scientific knowledge and technical skills needed to address global environmental challenges such as climate change, energy, sustainability, and biodiversity loss. You’ll study a range of subjects including, conservation, ecology, ecosystems, environmental management and renewable energy. You’ll also learn about the socio-economic, political and ethical issues integral to these areas. In addition, you’ll gain communication, project management, and research skills, as well as technical skills in areas such as remote sensing and climate modelling.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal qualifications required to study this degree. Computer and internet access required.

If you’re new to study or to the OU, it is recommended that you start with a course at Level 1.

Progression Routes

As a graduate of the Master of Environmental Science, you’ll have gained breadth and depth of understanding in scientific, technical and environmental issues. You’ll be able to think creatively; tackle multifaceted issues; and collect, analyse and interpret complex quantitative and qualitative data. You’ll also develop research, planning and fieldwork techniques as you take part in practical and project work.

Start Date

October, February





Study Method

Distance and Flexible learning

Course Length






SCQF Level