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First Year: Two core courses offer a broad introduction to the study of geography at an advanced level. Lectures cover key topics such as climate change, the behaviour of ice sheets, plate tectonics, natural hazards, water resources, ecological change, rural and urban development and poverty and sustainability. Lectures are supported by a programme of practical work that includes spreadsheet skills for data analysis, field sampling techniques, PowerPoint presentation skills and training in the writing and referencing techniques required for university-level study. We also encourage students to choose 'outside' courses – for example, in Geology, Archaeology, International Relations or Environmental Science – that complement their geographical interests.

Second Year: Four option courses are offered, of which students must choose at least three: Physical Environments; Perspectives in Human Geography; Mapping and Monitoring the Environment; Environment and Society. All students must also take Skills and Techniques in Geosciences, which includes a residential field trip.

Third and Fourth Year (Honours): Core courses on Approaches to Geography, Research Design and Methods and Geographical Issues examine the subject's history, its key perspectives and techniques, and its contemporary relevance. Although compulsory, all of these courses offer a choice of lectures and coursework assessments that cover the full range of geography, so students are free to pursue their favourite aspects of the subject. Option courses at level 3 provide further training in practical aspects of physical and human geography (e.g., use of remote sensing and geographical information systems; statistical analysis of sediments, vegetation or census data) and associated concepts and topics (such as environmental change; places, regions and globalisation; environment and conservation).

Entry Requirements

2024 entry requirements

Standard entry:
4 Highers at AABB (by end of S5) including 2 maths or science subjects by end S6 plus English, Maths and Chemistry or Physics at National 5. Those with Highers at BBB by end of S5 are encouraged to apply.

For second year entry you would require the above plus 3 Advanced Highers at ABB including Geography and a maths or science subject at AB or BA.

Widening access entry:
2 Highers at BB (by end of S5). Additional Highers/Advanced Highers in S6.

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BSc Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

4 years


Physical Science



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