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Zoology is the study of all animal life, from primitive microscopic malaria-causing protozoa to large advanced mammals, across all environmental spheres from red deer in mountain forests to dolphins in deep oceans, and from underground burrowing voles to golden eagles in the skies. Some of these animals are useful to us and we keep them as pets or livestock. Some are serious pests or disease-causing, and some are fascinating! No matter what our relationship with the animals, we need to understand their behaviour, population dynamics, physiology and the way they interact with other species and their environments. That is Zoology!

Year 1: Diversity of Life 1 and 2; Frontiers in Biological Sciences; The Cell; Ecology and Environmental Science.

Year 2: Genes and Evolution; Biological Enhanced Skills Training; Ecology; Principles of Animal Physiology; plus one of the following field courses: Parasitology; Coastal Biodiversity; Fish and Shellfish Biology; Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecology .

Year 3: Statistical Analysis of Biological Data; Animal Evolution and Biodiversity; Animal Population Ecology; Environmental Physiology.

Year 4: You will carry out a research project and complete advanced courses of your choosing. Optional course choices include Parasitology, Advanced Behavioural Ecology, Advanced Vector Biology, Topics in Conservation Biology, and Wildlife Management and Conservation.

Entry Requirements

2025 entry requirements

Standard entry:
4 Highers at BBBB (by end of S5) including 2 maths or science subjects by end of S6 plus English, Maths and Chemistry or Physics at National 5. Those with Highers at BBB by end of S5 are encouraged to apply.

For second year entry you would require the above plus 3 Advanced Highers at ABB including two maths or science subjects at AB or BA.

Widening access entry:
2 Highers at BB (by end of S5). Additional Highers/Advanced Highers in S6.

1 Foundation Apprenticeship is accepted in place of a non-essential Higher.

Start Date





BSc Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

4 years


Life Sciences and Medicine


Biological Sciences

SCQF Level