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What is STEM?

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You’ve probably seen the term STEM before and you might already know that it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, but what actually is it?

Well, STEM is the future! It’s not just involved in obvious things like designing and building cars, aircraft, houses and mobile phones, if it wasn’t for STEM we wouldn’t have food and water, clothes to wear or computer games to play.

You might be thinking ‘I’m not good at maths, science and technology subjects,’ but the thing about STEM is that it incorporates more subjects than you probably realise. Take a look at all of these related Nationals:

Research done for the Scottish Government found that 31% of pupils chose not to study a STEM subject because they didn’t think that they were very good at it*. However, when you look at all of the STEM related subjects above you might realise that you are good at some of those subjects.

STEM isn’t just about subjects though, it’s also about the skills that you develop while learning and how you can use these. You can see more on this in the ‘What skills are useful in STEM?’ section.


*STEM and language choices in school: Young People in Scotland Survey 2017, Social Research and the Scottish Government (November 2018)

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