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Archivists collect, assess, organise, study and preserve historical records and documents. These may include rare books or manuscripts, maps, plans, film, video, photographs, audio and digital files. They also give people access to these materials and help them to use them.

The Work

You could be:


The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates vary, depending on:

The Archives and Records Association recommend that the minimum salary for archivists who have recently qualified is £22,443 a year and they will not advertise jobs on their website that offer less then £19,817. This may rise to £26,000 or more with experience. Senior archivists may be able to earn £35,000 and above.


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Getting In

You could work for local authorities, in museums, universities, hospitals, central government and industry. Most jobs are advertised through the Archives and Records Association and the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS).

Predicted Employment in Scotland

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What Does it Take?

You need to be:

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Getting On

More Information

The National Archives of Scotland (NAS) website has a section Working with the National Archives of Scotland .

The Creative and Cultural Skills website has a careers section called Creative Choices which covers careers information, jobs and opportunities in the heritage and culture sector, including archive work.

The National Archives website holds a list of contacts for all local archive and record management services in the UK. This could be helpful if you are looking for voluntary experience or paid work.


The following organisations may be able to provide further information.

Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland)
Tel: 01823 327 077
Twitter: @ARAScot

A list of placement opportunities in various archives, paid and voluntary, can be downloaded from this website.

Archive-Skills Consultancy
Tel: 020 8806 8631

Information and Records Management Society (IRMS)
Tel: 01625 664520

University of Glasgow Archive Services
Tel: 0141 330 5515

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