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Meter readers visit all kinds of premises, including homes, offices, shops and factories, to collect information (readings) from electricity, gas, and in England and Wales, water meters.

The Work

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Meter Readers can earn between £8.21 to around £9.00 an hour. You can earn extra through overtime and bonuses. Bonuses are usually based on the number of meters read each week. Some employers provide a uniform or an allowance for outdoor clothes. You would also usually get a mileage allowance.


Workforce Employment Status

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Getting In

Most meter readers work for electricity or gas companies (or water companies in England and Wales), although others are employed by specialist firms who supply meters to those companies. You can look for vacancies through the Find a Job website or Jobcentre Plus offices.

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What Does it Take?

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Getting On

More Information

Some industrial meter readings are now recorded automatically and these meters no longer need to be read. If this system becomes more widely used, the number of jobs for meter readers may decline. Also see Smart Energy Meter Fitter job profile.


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