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People of a constituency (a particular area) elect members of parliament to represent them in that parliament. Most members of parliament are members of a political party, but a few are independent.

The Work

There are 2 different parliaments. You could be a:

In any case, you could be:


Current salaries for MPs are as follows:

You would get an extra payment if you had a special responsibility, such as being a party 'whip'.

You also get payments for certain staff and office costs and expenses.


Workforce Employment Status

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Getting In

What Does it Take?

You should be:

You should have:


Most parties run training courses on subjects such as election law and procedures, public speaking and personal presentation.

Getting On

More Information

Each parliament deals with different issues. These are summarised below.

The Scottish Parliament passes laws on domestic matters including health, education, housing, transport, local government, justice, agriculture and fisheries, the environment and economic development.

The UK Parliament passes laws on matters such as defence, taxation, welfare benefits, energy and immigration, as well as domestic affairs for England and sometimes Wales. It also has responsibility for UK foreign policy.

You can find a list of Scottish Political Parties below.


Credit to Miriam Cates MP

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