Planit Now Available

We are very pleased to inform you that Planit is available again.

The backups used has restored data up until Saturday 12th December just before 13:00. This means that any data which was uploaded between Saturday 12 December 13:00 and Monday 14 December is no longer available.

Our databases are backed up every 6 hours but the backups after Saturday 12th December were damaged during the incident.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this incident has caused you.

Please see the following information from ACCESS our ICT supplier about the incident:

What happened?
In the early hours of 15 December, one of the air handling units in our data centre experienced a fault and began to emit smoke. This automatically triggered the fire suppression system, emitting Inergen gas as it’s designed to do. However, the ferocity of the gas discharge triggered a reaction much like an explosion, which damaged a significant amount of our equipment. The main pieces of equipment which were damaged were the storage systems (called computer servers) which host our data, the ‘virtual farms’, (a collection of computer servers which need a large amount of power to run and to keep cool), which host our ‘applications’ and also our back-up devices. This caused many of the Glasgow City Council’s key IT systems (and Gateway’s) to become unavailable.

How did we respond?
Staff, primarily from ACCESS but also from across GCC worked around the clock to bring vital systems back online.

What has happened since?
Although we back up our data every night, some data was corrupted as the incident happened during the back-up process.


Published: 08:42 19/01/2016

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