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First Year: Introduction to Sociology 1 answers the question of what sociology is. It addresses the relationship between individuals and society and looks at how society is reproduced over time. Introduction to Sociology 2 examines the key sociological notion of ‘social structure’ by means of a range of contemporary social themes and issues, such as religion, surveillance and the media.

Second Year: The second year extends the analysis of the ‘sociological imagination’ and looks at a range of contemporary social issues and themes that exemplify sociology’s attention on people acting in social settings and the structures they inhabit, and which comprise what we call society. Topics will be approached in order to illustrate how sociology combines both theory and empirical investigation. Substantive topics covered include issues such as consumerism, tourism, food and risk society.

Third and Fourth Year (Honours): In third year take courses in the core areas of sociology, namely Research Methods and Sociological Theory. In the fourth year, students begin their individual research projects and choose from a range of option courses such as Sociology of Modern Scotland, Sociology of Art and Culture, Body Work, Political Sociology, European Societies, Sociology of the City, Religion and Culture, the Sociology of Peace Processes, Animals and Society and Sociology of Contemporary European Social Movements.

Entry Requirements

2025 entry requirements

Standard entry:
4 Highers at BBBB (by end of S5) plus English at National 5. Those with Highers at BBB by end of S5 are encouraged to apply.

Entry to year 2 may be possible with 3 Advanced Highers at ABB including a relevant subject at A.

Widening access entry:
2 Highers at BB (by end of S5). Additional Highers/Advanced Highers in S6.

1 Foundation Apprenticeship is accepted in place of a Higher.

Start Date





MA Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

4 years


Arts and Social Sciences


Social Science

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