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First Year: Church History (The Rise of Christianity 0-600); Hebrew Language 1; Introduction to the Hebrew Bible; Systematic Theology (Christian Belief: Its Critics and Defenders); New Testament (Earliest Portraits of Jesus: Introduction to the Gospels; Elementary Greek 1 and 2); Basics of World Religions.

Second Year: Church History and Systematic Theology (The European Reformation: Practical Theology (Christian Doctrine and Practice); New Testament What is Truth? John's Gospel and Letters - English or Greek texts; Paul of Tarsus - English or Greek texts); Encountering Buddhism; Critical Methods of Old Testament Study (English or Hebrew texts); Old Testament Theology (English or Hebrew texts); Medieval Christianity 500-1500.

Third and Fourth Year (Honours): Church History (Luther, Calvin and the Shaping of Protestantism; Reformation and Revolutions; The Theology of the Early Church; Scottish Theology); Hebrew Bible 3 and 4; Practical Theology (Spirituality, Health and Healing; Exploring the Tradition of Christian Ethics; Theological and Pastoral Perspectives on the Family); Systematic Theology (Contemporary Issues in Christian Doctrine; The Nature of Theology); New Testament (Set Texts; Advanced Greek; The Historical Background of the New Testament); Gospels and Acts - Selected Texts (Greek or English); New Testament Epistles (Greek or English); The World of the New Testament.

Entry Requirements

2025 entry requirements

Standard entry:
4 Highers at BBBB (by end of S5) plus English at National 5. Those with Highers at BBB by end of S5 are encouraged to apply.

Entry to year 2 may be possible with 2 Highers at BC plus Advanced Higher RMPS at A or 2 Advanced Highers at AB including RMPS at A.

Widening access entry:
2 Highers at BB (by end of S5). Additional Highers/Advanced Highers in S6.

1 Foundation Apprenticeship is accepted in place of a Higher.

Start Date





BTh Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

3 - 4 years


Arts and Social Sciences


Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History

SCQF Level