Easy CV : Welcome to Easy CV

Easy CV is an easy-to-use online tool to help you create your first CV.

Remember to always save your work as you go through Easy CV. It does not save your entries automatically. You will be timed out of Easy CV after 30 minutes if you are not actively adding or editing content. If you have not saved your work you will lose it!

How it works

Easy CV will guide you through each section of your CV. You can then use the menu tabs for each section of the CV to go directly to that section to make changes.

At the final design stage you can choose a layout and save your CV as a Word document. You can then spell check it, and make sure you have included all the information relevant to the job you are applying for before printing it out.

You can access your CV in your Portfolio at any time to add, change or delete information.

Before you begin

It’s a good idea to have any information you’ll need to hand, for example:

Have a look at the information in ‘Your first CV’ for advice on writing a great CV.

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