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College interviews

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The word 'interview' can strike fear into the most experienced of people, but do not be afraid! An interview is not an interrogation, nor is it designed to trip you up on your quest to attend college. 

Think of it as a chance to show yourself in the best light and to ask more detailed questions about the college and the course. In turn, the interviewer uses it as an opportunity to find out more about you, why you want to do the course and how suitable you are.

Preparing yourself

Making sure that you're prepared will help to overcome any nerves you have and can help to make you feel more confident. Also, it won't go unnoticed by the interviewer and they will appreciate the effort.

What happens in the interview?

Some colleges invite a number of applicants at one time so that they can provide information to everyone as a group, before having individual interviews. During the interview you might be asked questions like:

You may also be asked questions that relate specifically to the course you have applied for, or have to undergo an audition if you wish to study subjects like performing arts or dance.

How can you do your best in the interview?

What questions could you ask?

Don't be shy about asking questions at your interview. Remember that it is a two-way process and it's important for you to get all the information you can. You might want to ask:

You might think of some more specific questions about the course or the college. 


It's ok to be nervous. The interviewer will be expecting it and will do their best to put you at ease. 

Good luck!

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