Veterinary Epidemiology (in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh)

Scotland`s Rural College (SRUC)


Off Campus


This innovative MSc addresses the global grand challenges of animal health and food security. Drawing on the remarkable range of expertise at the University of Edinburgh and SRUC, this MSc covers the latest research and techniques in veterinary epidemiology taught by those doing the research.

You will learn about the fundamental drivers of disease dynamics in livestock and wildlife systems. We focus on how disease dynamics are influenced by biological processes (e.g. host behaviour, physiology, ecology) and environmental and management practices (e.g. husbandry, nutrition, livestock trade).

This ‘bottom up’ disease systems approach offers in-depth understanding of complex infection patterns seen in livestock and wildlife host communities, which improves prediction of disease risk and control. This approach will allow you to identify drivers of disease outbreaks, and help control outbreaks at the broader scale rather than on a case-by-case basis. This will enable you to have a greater impact on animal health, welfare and productivity in your own region.

You can exit the course at the following points:
Postgraduate Certificate: 12-24 months
Postgraduate Diploma: 24-48 months

Start Date



Postgraduate Master's



Study Method

Distance and Flexible learning

Course Length

3-6 years


Animal and Biological Sciences

SCQF Level