Philosophy, Politics and Economics

West Highland College UHI


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The interdisciplinary BA Hons Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) offers the unique opportunity to study the three most influential realities impacting people’s lives. PPE is a comprehensive programme to develop the leaders of the future.

Economics: You will examine how economic agents (individuals, households, and businesses) and markets behave and interact, and are influenced by aspects such as inflation, economic growth, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy

Politics: You will also examine the different ways in which politics shapes our lives and is organised differently around the world. The programme looks at various forms of governance from clans, upwards to modern local governments, institutions, sovereign states and finally to international level.

Philosophy: The Philosophy element helps students to think logically and coherently; to construct compelling arguments and will enhance your ability to analyse critically assumptions and theories.

Entry Requirements

3 Highers at BBC including 2 relevant subjects.

Start Date





BA Hons

Study Method

Part time (day)

Course Length

8 years


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

SCQF Level