Education Studies

University of Strathclyde


The Masters course in Education Studies introduces the most important questions and problems by which the discipline of education studies is characterised, along with the methodologies and methods used to answer those questions. In addition to the core modules designed to give you a solid foundation for understanding educational processes, you'll have the flexibility to choose a pair of modules from a range of specialist classes to meet your personal and professional needs.

Education Studies is a discipline in its own right. While it draws on insights from different disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, political studies and international relations, economics and business studies, it entertains a very specific perspective on the world.

In education studies, we're mainly interested in the ways, personal growth and (trans)formation can be individually and socially initiated, guided, and supported. Those educational processes are, of course, not restricted to contexts of formal education, for example, schooling, but can be perceived everywhere in modern cultures.

Entry Requirements

Degree or relevant professional qualification, or a combination of qualifications and experience demonstrating capacity for postgraduate study.

Start Date

September, January


Postgraduate Master's



Study Method

Full time

Course Length

12 months


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



SCQF Level


Career Sectors

College or University Lecturing

Education Support

Primary School Teaching

Secondary School Teaching

Teaching - Other