Health Data Science for Applied Precision Medecine

University of Dundee


City Campus


Precision medicine is an area of growing importance globally. It integrates genome and biomarker data with big data from healthcare to target safe, effective treatments to individual patients. Understanding why individuals differ in susceptibility to disease and response to treatment has clear benefits, as the global Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted.

You’ll access anonymised real healthcare data linked to genome and clinical imaging data, and use expertise from renowned biomedical scientists to gain applied skills and knowledge in the field.

This unique bioresource, linked to medical records at the University of Dundee, has played a major role in globally significant research and continues to impact our understanding of Covid-19.

Entry Requirements

You should have, or expect to have, an honours degree at 2.1 or above, in Computing (or equivalent qualifications). However, if you don't meet this requirement you may still apply in which case you will need to prove that you have equivalent experience in the field in order to be accepted onto the course. All applicants will need to undergo a technical interview to ensure they have the necessary background to undertake the course.

Start Date



Postgraduate Master's



Study Method

Full time

Course Length

12 months


Life Sciences & Forensic Anthropology

SCQF Level