Creative Sound Engineering - Online Mix Academy

Edinburgh College


Sighthill Campus


Have you ever wanted to improve your mixing and mastering skills? Are you finding your productions are lacking that professional edge? Well at Edinburgh College, we may have the very class that can help you take your work to the next level.

So you have been making music at home, recording your music and learning the basics. But you are struggling with mixing and mastering and your productions don’t quite have the edge you are looking for. You have been on YouTube, you have read the articles, but without being able to actually TALK to someone about it… you are struggling to progress.

Our online class allows you to sit through all the aspects of a successful mix with an experienced mix engineer. You will be talked through all the basics as well as some of the more professional techniques that will make your mixes shine. Maybe you have never even mixed before… well this class will get you up and running in no time.

Course includes:
Editing Techniques; How to use EQ; How to use Compression; Reverb and Delay Techniques; How to add colour to your mix; How to make a master suitable for release

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements but an interest in music and a basic understanding of using a computer are essential.

Progression Routes

Full time sound production course

Start Date




Study Method

Part time (evening)

Course Length

10 weeks


Music and Sound Production

SCQF Level


Career Area

Performing Arts