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Many people find National 5 Maths very demanding, particularly if they have not recently studied Maths, and achieving National 5 Maths in a single academic year can be extremely challenging. This course is specifically designed to address that problem and it is aimed at those candidates who already have a Maths qualification at National 4 level (or equivalent), and who want to do National 5 Maths but need a little bit more time to develop their skills and absorb some of the complex concepts introduced in the National 5 Maths course.

The course will build upon and extend your existing knowledge of mathematics, and you will undertake National 5 level work as you develop the key mathematical skills required to prepare you for the rigours of the National 5 Mathematics course.

You will complete two SQA National 5 Maths units, covering a broad range of topics including volume of solids, area of sectors, significant figures, scientific notation, straight lines, algebraic techniques, surds, indices, quadratics, simultaneous equations & trigonometry.

Entry Requirements

Maths at National 4. Interview.

Progression Routes

National 5 Maths

National 5 Maths is an essential requirement for all primary and secondary teaching courses, and is specifically identified as an essential subject in many Higher Education courses.

Start Date




Study Method

Part time (evening)
Part time (weekend)

Course Length

1 year



SCQF Level





Career Area


Career Sectors

Aeronautical Engineering

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Engineering General

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (including Fabrication and Welding)

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Offshore and Energy