Interpreting and Translating

Heriot-Watt University


Edinburgh Campus


This programme is designed to offer the specialist training required to work as a professional interpreter and/or translator in a variety of professional contexts.

Language combinations: In the practical translating and interpreting courses students opt for one of two ‘strands’, corresponding to their chosen languages:

Strand A
Study of English + one other language from Chinese, French, German or Spanish. Students work in both directions between the two languages chosen.

Strand B
Study of English + two foreign languages from French, German, Spanish, or Chinese. Students on this strand work from the two chosen languages into English.

Semester 1: Applied professional skills for conference interpreters; Translation practice 1. Choose 2 from a range including: Translation technologies; Liaison and public service interpreting; Business communication; International politics; Intercultural communication in the workplace; Cross-cultural perspectives on society; Global heritage; Beginner language courses in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, British Sign Language, Gaelic.

Semester 2: Conference interpreting; Translation practice 2; Translation and interpreting studies. Choose 1 from a range including: Subtitling; Liaison interpreting for business; Localisation and technical writing; Intercultural perspectives on sustainable development; Project management; Beginner language courses in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, British Sign Language, Gaelic.

You can exit at the end of 21 months with PgDip Interpreting and Translating.

Entry Requirements

Good degree or equivalent in a relevant subject plus either:

Strand A – native command of English plus near-native command of French, German or Spanish.

Strand B – native command of English plus a good degree or equivalent in two from French, German, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese.

Start Date



Postgraduate Master's



Study Method

Part time (day)

Course Length

24 months


School of Social Sciences


Languages and Intercultural Studies

SCQF Level