Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing (3rd year entry)

Queen Margaret University


For entry in 2022, students will join Year Three.

You will study the theory and practice of promoting healthy behaviours such as physical activity, and participate in community engagement activities in different environments with a wide range of service users. This is a course that will make you think differently about the world and the community around you. For example, did you know that if you teach a primary school child the very simple skill of catching a ball, they are more likely to be coordinated, to enjoy team sports in high school and to be active throughout their whole life and less likely to be overweight and unhealthy?

The two years of this programme are designed to build on your previous studies. You will develop an understanding of working with community groups and organisations such as charities and care homes. Studying entrepreneurship, leadership and service development you will learn how to identify community and organisational needs related to health and wellbeing, and design a sustainable solution to a particular issue. The process and solution you develop will draw on experience from the community engagement opportunities and can contribute to work required for your final year Honours project

Entry Requirements

2022 entry requirements:
Year 3 entry is relevant HND.

You will require a satisfactory criminal record check from Disclosure Scotland to show that you are suitable for this type of course. Contact Disclosure Scotland for details on the type you would need.

Start Date





BSc/BSc Hons

Study Method

Full time



Course Length

2 - 3 years


School of Health Sciences


Health Sciences

SCQF Level