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Applying through UCAS Conservatoires

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Conservatoires are higher education institutions that specialise in the teaching of music, dance and drama; there are nine in the UK.

For entry to any of the eight conservatoires listed below apply through the online system, UCAS Conservatoires Apply.

UCAS Conservatoires Apply 2023 is live from July 2022.

You can apply to up to six conservatoires at one time. The application fee for 2023 entry is £27, regardless of whether you apply for one course or six.

There are also audition fees, which vary depending on the conservatoire. You may have to pay these at the same time as your application fee. Visit the UCAS Conservatoires website for more information.

Key Dates for 2023 Entry

15 July 2022

UCAS Conservatoires Apply for undergraduate courses opens, so you can start making choices and filling in your application.

3 October 2022

This is the deadline for 'on-time' applications for music courses. If you want to apply after this date you must check with the conservatoire directly if they have any vacancies left.

25 January 2023

This is the deadline date for most undergraduate dance, drama or musical theatre courses.

If you miss the deadline for your course, you must ask the conservatories whether they have any vacancies before applying. 


For information about audition dates, visit the conservatoires' websites or contact them direct.


When UCAS receives your application, it sends you a welcome email that lists your choices. Use your personal ID (confirmed in the welcome email), username and password (that you used to make your application) to view your application on UCAS Conservatoires Track, the system that allows you to track its progress.


The following UK conservatoires take part in UCAS Conservatoires:

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