Finding a Job

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Preparing for your first day

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So, they offered you the job. Congratulations!

Starting a new job is always a bit nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first full time job.

Will you like the people? Will they like you? What should you wear? What if you make a mistake? With all of this going through your mind it would be a miracle if you weren’t nervous.

Fortunately, everyone who has started a new job knows exactly how it feels. So, your fellow workers will be trying their best to make you feel welcome.

What can you do to make the move into your new job a bit less daunting? Here are a few ideas to help you get ready for work.

What to do before you go?

What will you wear?

How will you get there?

What do you need to take with you?

What should you do when you arrive?

How can you make a good impression?

What if you don’t understand or can't remember what they want you to do?

What if you make a mistake?

What if you feel that you're not going to like the job?

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